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The Security & Safety Entrepreneur Awards

A HUGE congratulations to our Service Director Gary first on being nominated and second for making it to the Final for Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the Security & Safety Entrepreneur Awards (SSEA).

"Launched in 2023 the SSEA's are designed to recognise and celebrate entrepreneurs in start-ups and established businesses who are making significant contributions to the field of protecting people, organisations, places and other assets; keeping them secure and safe" (SSEA,2024)

Gary first started out doing an apprenticeship with CSS around 12 years ago, he already had a lot of interest and knowledge in the industry as his Grandpa had his own security company, he taught him a lot of the trade and gave him the tools to grow his passion.

After greatly enjoying his apprenticeship Gary decided to take on a new challenge and start Central Fire & Security, the drive to work for himself and do things his own way has amounted to creating strong partnerships and adding value to the community. Now re-branded as Central FS, the company has been running for 8 years and now has grown to include a fully functional electrical department along with a total of 21 members of staff with a mixture of experienced engineers and apprentices looking to the future.

When asked what he enjoyed about the job Gary said "Variety, every day you can be working in a massive range of different places from a flat to a mansion or a high-end office to a recycling plant. Working in lots of different places, with different people, doing different installations and maintenance's keeps you interested as it's always different".

This nomination came as a surprise to Gary as he wasn't told he'd been nominated, to find out he'd made it to the final has made him ecstatic! He said "It makes you reflect back at how far we've come, 7/8 years the business has been going, its made me very proud".

The Winner will be revealed on the 30th of April at The Security Event in Birmingham, we're wishing lots of good luck to Gary and congratulations to all of the other finalists.

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