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Fire Systems

What is a Fire Safety System?

Fire safety systems are made up of four key components:

  • Alarms 

  • Detection

  • Prevention

  • Suppression

What you need and in what combination depends entirely on your property and business. Our teams of highly experienced, trained and knowledgeable experts will work with you to develop a tailored plan which offers the most comprehensive protection for your specific business or property.

There are countless factors that must be taken into account when developing a fire safety system for your home or business. Using our in-depth experience and knowledge of what is available, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you have the best possible protection system within your individual budget.

As an independent BAFE accredited company, you can rest assured that we will suggest and install the best products and systems for you - we aren't being influenced by some higher company to peddle specific products. Our focus and commitment is solely to the client. 

Fire Alarms

Conventional Fire Alarms

A primary and reliable form of defence against fires which emit an unmistakable alarm when smoke is detected.

Addressable Fire Alarms

Intended for bigger properties, these alarms will identify exactly what part of the building is on fire, allowing inhabitants to react and behave accordingly.

Wireless Fire Alarms

By having fire alarms and detection systems react wirelessly, you can avoid the expensive costs associated with the digging and drilling for hard-wired fire safety system installations.

Public Address (PA) Systems

Despite fire safety training and education, panic-induced confusion can cause disarray in the event of a fire. PA systems can provide helpful pre-recorded messages to help inhabitants protect themselves from danger.

Disability Protection

Our experts can provide a number of options to help those with various additional needs and requirements to ensure the safety of everyone.

Optical Beam Detectors

In large areas where smoke may be less dense, an optical system which projects a beam of light can ensure much higher accuracy in smoke detection.

High Sensitivity Smoke Detectors

We offer a range of early warning systems that are 100 times more sensitive than their traditional equivalents, providing vital protection in high-risk environments.

Fire Detection

Fire Prevention & Suppression

Fire Extinguishers

With proper placement and training, fire extinguishers can help staff or inhabitants to tackle a blaze or clear a path for escape.

Dry & Wet Risers

These are systems designed to get large quantities of water to key locations in the event of a fire. Dry risers allow for the fire service to pump water through a building, while wet risers are permanently kept full of water.

Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems cover a huge surface area in water to extinguish fires and stop them from spreading.

Water Mist Systems

This technology works similarly to a sprinkler system while having the added benefit of behaving like a gas to suppress a blaze.

Fire Training

Many precautions and fail-safes may be in vain without the proper training. We will make sure every member of staff or inhabitant has all the information they need to protect themselves and - where necessary - physical property.

Passive Fire Protection

The physical structure of your building, including windows, walls, doors and more, can be used to limit the spread of fire.

Safety Signage

Safety signage supports appropriate training, helping staff to react and behave accordingly in the event of a fire.


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