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Automatic Gates & Barriers

Automatic Gates are a great form of protection for your property. 

Do you want to see or speak to a visitor before they enter onto your property?

Control your gates from your smartphone?

Our automatic gates and barriers can be tailored to suit your needs whether they're domestic or commercial.

Entry On Your Terms

If you are responsible for a large commercial facility, it can be difficult to keep track of who is coming in and out. If there are lots of staff, clients, and others around, all an intruder has to do is get inside before they can move around almost unnoticed.

An automatic gate or entry system helps you to have total control over who enters and leaves your property. A series of gates and barriers for both pedestrians and cars means that anyone without the proper entry requirements (often a code or keycard) will need to be granted permission by you.

Internal Security

Security doesn't stop at the entryway to a commercial facility. In many businesses, certain areas are off-limits to staff without the necessary credentials. Central FS will work with you to develop a system of gates and barriers, offering comprehensive protection throughout the entire facility. Whether you need to put additional security in certain rooms or locations with valuable goods or sensitive information, or even block off entire portions of a facility, we will give you total control over who has access to where, even if they are already inside your commercial property.

So What is Available?

Rising Barriers

Often associated with the entrance to car parks, these barriers will obstruct vehicles from driving into your property without permission.

Rising Bollards

Rising bollards come in various shapes and sizes depending on whether you need to stop a vehicle from driving through without access, or attempting to crash its way through by force.


Operated by an intercom, keypad or keycard scanner, these gates will stop pedestrians or vehicles from reaching your property.


When it comes to internal security for properties like large official buildings, turnstiles are ideal for restricting who enters from the lobby.

Domestic Gate Solutions

Automatic entryways aren't just for businesses - an automatic gate can help to keep your driveway and home secure.


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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