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How Your Home can Recover After a Burglary

Updated: Feb 9

A burglary or home invasion is a horrible experience and can involve a long healing process, damaging one's sense of security. People often feel angry and anxious over the loss of money and possessions, but also over the damage to their idea of their home as a safe space and the distress over the traumatic event can be long lasting. Read on for some practical steps to take in the aftermath of a burglary.

Ensure Everyone's Safety

The first and most important step in the aftermath of a burglary or home invasion is to ensure that everyone is safe and no family members or roommates have been injured. While burglars tend to avoid occupied homes, there are many cases in which they'll enter a household with people present. These tend to be the most difficult of crimes to deal with as the psychological impact of a burglary or break in can be extreme, ensuring that the victims have support is critical and should be provided as soon as possible. After making sure everyone has been moved to a safe space, listen to what they have to say, comfort them and try to get them to feel safe as well as get details for the police report.

File a Police Report

Getting in contact with the local police station and law enforcement as soon as possible is vital. Call the police immediately. There's a variety of information that is important to provide to the police about the break-in that can help their investigation and improve the chances of returning the items stolen from you.

Evidence such as:

  • Date and time of the incident

  • Photos of the crime scene

  • Descriptions of stolen property

  • Any recordings or footage

  • Descriptions of the burglars

  • Anything the burglars have left behind

A responding police officer can look through the details you've provided and begin piecing together the information to properly support you. In the case that the crime was violent or any harm occurred to you, there may be further contact to get more details.

Contact Your Insurance Company

A home insurance company can often compensate you for the unlawful damage you suffer as a result of your home being burgled. Making an insurance claim as quickly as you can is very important. If you can provide a photo of stolen items or goods it can be easier to claim insurance. In general, insurance providers will help with broken doors, windows and vandalism. To get full details of your insurance coverage for stolen goods, contact your provider as soon as possible.

Contact Your Bank

Even if you do not find any bank cards, mobile phones, driving licence or cheque books are missing, it is important to contact your bank as soon as possible. As well as helping with insurance claims - in the case the criminals have accessed your details and attempted to make a purchase - the banks security measures can be put into full effect.

Preventing Another Break In - Invest in Home Security

If you are eager to stop a repeat of a home invasion or burglary an important step is making use of a home security system, this can help with not only making home insurance claims easier but guaranteeing you and your family's safety in the future. Home security systems can do a great deal to help you feel more secure as well as protect your property, some of the best security systems to provide your home with protection are CCTV cameras and alarm systems.

CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are one of the best systems if you want to keep your home secure and protect it against intrusions, as many criminals will avoid a house with a visible CCTV presence. CCTV systems are versatile, easy to install and their ability to record footage of the criminals and their activities can help to not only track them down but also prevent them from committing unlawful damage in the first place.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are not only helpful in deterring crime and ensuring home safety but in many cases an insurance provider will expect an alarm system to be present in a home. Alarm systems provide a superb deterrent and many criminals will avoid a home equipped with them, they can also be linked to phone apps and the police too.

For more information on security systems and how Central FS can help you get in touch on 0141 530 1244 or email us at

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