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Does a Home Security System Deter Crime?

Updated: Feb 9

If you're considering purchasing a home security system such as a security camera or alarm system, the first question that will come to mind is whether it can deter crime before it takes place. The answer to this is yes - home security systems are statistically likely to deter burglars and criminals.

Burglary and Security System Facts

When it comes to crime rates, ONS crime survey estimates 1 in 100 homes are burgled or subject to an attempted burglary every year. On average, it's estimated by NimbleFins that they cause £1,400 of damages and steal £2,856 worth of materials.

So what is the best way to protect your home from such losses? Many criminals themselves openly admit a major aversion to targetting any property equipped with a home security system.

Co-op insurance interviewed a number of former burglars who stated;

  • CCTV cameras were the major worry for most potential criminals - the potential to be caught on camera during the crime or to be prosecuted with evidence after the crime inclined them to avoid those properties

  • Burglar alarms are another major worry for criminals because of the potential to attract attention

  • Households and streets with densely installed security systems are a no-go for criminals

Criminals offered that besides those homes equipped with a security system, they primarily avoided those that appeared to be occupied. Things such as dogs barking or televisions being left on were a consistent deterrent however, the problem with such measures is that few people can afford to be at home all the time.

Home Security Cameras Deter Crime

A video surveillance system is by far the most effective way to deter crime, most burglars will avoid any home that possesses surveillance cameras and do so for a variety of reasons. Home security cameras provide 24/7 surveillance of the property, they constantly gather high quality footage of your home and its surroundings.

Security cameras are an incredibly versatile form of security system, they can be easily installed in practically any home - with options for both indoor and outdoor cameras - and modern systems can be linked to remote monitoring apps and even teams to provide you with 24/7 coverage of your home. This isn't to mention even more specialised systems such as doorbell cameras.

Another major benefit of security cameras is that in the worst case scenario a crime does take place in your house, the evidence gathered by the cameras can be used not only to track down the burglars responsible, but convict them as well. There won't be an issues when it comes to mistaken identity as CCTV is - besides an eye witness - the best means by which to identify criminals.

Alarm Security System Benefits

Alarm systems are another superb way to deter criminals and prevent crime, some homeowners go for fake dummy alarms, but these are easy to spot by professional criminals.

Alarms ability to emit loud noises will ensure anyone nearby - including neighbours and the police - are made aware of a break-in or disturbance.

Alarm systems provide 24/7 coverage for a property. They are easy to install and can work with practically any property, they can also often be used to alert police officers to a break in at your home by having them connected to a remote monitoring team.

A Long Term Investment for Your Protection

Given the average cost of the damages and losses inflicted by a burglary, the benefits of a home security system are hard to beat. If you are eager to deter crime, there is no better option.

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