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Fire Alarm Installation Bonnybridge

Are you looking for a reliable, local fire alarm installer in the Bonnybridge area? At Central FS we provide expert fire alarm installations to clients all over Bonnybridge. Fire alarms are one of the most reliable forms of fire safety. Fire alarms are also one of the best fire safety systems for protecting commercial properties and businesses. They provide round the clock fire detection giving you peace of mind. At Central FS we can offer you a wide range of the latest fire safety systems and products equipped with the latest technology. So if you're looking for expert fire alarm installers in Bonnybridge, give us a call at 0141 530 1244 or email today for your FREE quote.

What are the benefits of a fire alarm system?

Early Detection

Fire alarms provide early detection of fires helping you become aware that you need to evacuate your property. Fire alarms are essential in every household and business in order to keep occupants safe.

Reducing Damage

Having fire alarms installed could reduce the damage to your property as you are notified of the fire at the very beginning. This means that you can contact emergency services immediately to put out the fire, reducing the amount of damage that it may have caused to you and your property if you hadn't been notified of it.

Insurance Discounts

Installing an appropriate fire alarm system can offer discounts on your property insurance anywhere between 5% and 20%. Having high quality fire alarms installed in your property only brings benefits.

Quality Fire Alarm Installation

At Central FS we can install high quality fire alarms to suit the needs of your property so you can feel more protected. Fire alarm installation is the best way to protect your home and business from fire damage.

Why use Central FS as your fire alarm installers?

The only way to ensure you get the full benefits of a new fire alarm system is by making use of experts and professionals. So why should you choose Central FS to install your fire alarm systems? What can we offer you?

30 Years of Experience

The team at Central FS is backed by well over 30 years of experience in providing fire alarm systems to clients all over Bonnybridge and Scotland. Our team has provided fire safety services to a variety of different premises, properties and business, meaning no matter the specific requirements of your property we can ensure you're provided with a successful service. You won't have to worry about any amateur mistakes either. Our expert team can examine your property and put together a fire alarm setup that will perfectly suit your property to meet all of your fire safety needs. No matter if you are in need of an extensive system of fire alarms to cover a large property, or a simple fire alarm system designed to keep your home safe, we have all the experience required.

Professional Expertise

Central FS has the full accreditation from BAFE - British Approvals for Fire Equipment. This guarantees our workforce has been fully vetted and approved to provide professional, industry standard fire safety measures, with all the the training necessary to perform the installation of fire alarms and systems.

We use only the latest fire alarm technology

At Central FS we furthermore don't cut corners; the equipment and fire safety we'll provide you with are latest in fire safety systems. Our company provides the highest quality of fire alarm systems on the market to our customers, which are low maintenance and easy to control.   

A Strong Focus on Reliability

We are not only dedicated to providing you with an excellent quality product, but also ensuring you receive the highest quality of service possible. As a qualified fire alarm Installer, we will provide you with not only a quick installation, but ensure you're provided with the best customer service possible.

Types of fire safety systems

Functionality You Will Love


Fire Alarms

These include:

  • Conventional fire alarms 

  • Addressable fire alarms

  • Wireless fire alarms

  • Public address (PA) systems

  • Disability protection


Fire Detection

These include:

  • Optical beam detectors

  • High sensitivity smoke detectors


Fire Prevention & Suppression

These include:

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Dry & wet risers

  • Sprinkler systems

  • Water mist systems

  • Fire training

  • Passive fire protection

  • Safety signage



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