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CCTV Cameras don’t just help with investigations following a crime - they can prevent them altogether. Contact Central FS to find out more about our tailored and affordable CCTV systems.

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As recording devices and data storage become increasingly affordable, sophisticated CCTV systems are becoming more widely adopted by small businesses and even domestic properties.

This means that it is easier than ever to protect your property and livelihood from crime. Whether you want to be able to monitor your property through a smart app, or have our highly trained security staff monitor your CCTV around the clock, we have various options for all needs and budgets.


CCTV cameras aren’t just there to record a crime taking place, or to alert security to an intrusion. In fact, they are an effective deterrent that can stop a crime taking place at all.

Criminals, especially thieves, go for easy targets to ensure that their career in crime isn’t interrupted by being caught. Cameras will aid in investigations and show that you take security seriously, encouraging intruders to go elsewhere in search of an easier target.


In the unfortunate event a crime has taken place, CCTV footage of the intrusion will play a vital role in any police investigation.

By observing video recorded as the crime took place, the police are able to get an incredible head start on an investigation, often leading to a conviction of the responsible individuals.


With the dropping prices of CCTV technology, these systems are quickly becoming more affordable than hiring round-the-clock guards. 

With the wide range of options available, we can help develop a CCTV security system that will be more affordable than hiring guards to boost security while saving you money. Contact us for your free quotation.


One CCTV camera solution won’t work for everyone. People have different needs and budgets, which means for optimum results and cost-effectiveness a solution needs to be tailored for your specific situation.

Our teams will come up with a bespoke system using their knowledge of your requirements and the countless technologies and products available.

Regardless of whether you run a sprawling warehouse in need of multiple cameras manned 24/7 by trained security, or just one camera to keep an eye on your front door at home, our Central FS experts will work with you to fit your needs no matter the scale.


Auto Tracking is a fantastically innovative development in the CCTV security industry. This software allows cameras to track motion, using traditional video capture to record any movements within their field of view. 

When the target leaves their field of view, another camera can pick them up, ensuring a target is being watched constantly until they leave the property entirely.

Speed cameras have been catching out speeding motorists for years by scanning their registration plate. This number plate recognition technology can also be used to enhance your CCTV system, recording the plates of any vehicles entering or leaving your property. 


In large facilities such as car parks, hospitals, shopping malls and so on this technology can help to track who came, left, and is still present on your property. Not only can this help to identify vehicles of potentially problematic people and intruders, but it can also provide crucial evidence in police investigations.

Again, dropping costs for CCTV technology means they are no longer only justifiable for commercial businesses. Domestic CCTV cameras are becoming increasingly common for personal households.


Not only can they help to track the movements of any intruder, or alert you to motion if you are out of the house, but they act as a deterrent making sure your home is one of the least attractive targets in the area. They play a key role in encouraging would-be intruders to look elsewhere.

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