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CCTV cameras are one of the most reliable forms of security, they provide round the clock coverage and deterrence to criminals and in the case of a crime can help guarantee prosecution.

At Central FS we can offer you a wide range of the latest CCTV systems and products equipped with the latest technology. We use name brands such as HIKVISION to ensure we provide our customers with the best quality products.

CCTV cameras and an alarm, fitted on the side of a house

Types of CCTV monitoring

Functionality You Will Love


Auto Tracking CCTV

Using some of the latest software on the market, our CCTV systems can track any motion in their field of view. When a tracked target exits the field of view of the camera, they will be locked onto by another camera. This provides a continuous recording of any movement outside your property and if criminal activity does take place, it ensures that evidence can be gathered.


Domestic CCTV systems

We know that as the technology of CCTV improves the cost will rise, this is why we offer a wide range of CCTV systems so that you can keep your home safe while remaining cost-efficient.


Number Plate Recognition

If you are maintaining a commercial business or property such as a car park, number plate recognition software could be of great use to you. This type of CCTV system can monitor the registration plates of those who enter the property, using similar technology to a speed camera system. This can help you to identify difficult individuals or intruders so that they can be reported with evidence.


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