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If you're in need of qualified, Expert Home and Domestic Security service in the City of Glasgow, then Central FS are the right choice for you. Our team can provide you with honest, helpful advice, suggestions and can ensure you're able to guarantee the safety of your home as well as offer you total peace of mind.

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So Why go with Central FS?

So why should you use Central FS for your domestic security? What can we offer to you as a security company over other businesses? Every good Security Company is marked by four qualities – Experience, Quality of Service, Reliability, and Expertise.

About CFS

Central FS have been providing clients all across Scotland and Glasgow with expert security services, in both the domestic and commercial fields. Central FS is a family run business, and while we began our services in 2016, our team has well over 30 years experience providing not only excellent home security, but also offering services for fire alarms and safety. Our aim is to provide you not only with excellent quality home security, but ensure your experience with us is a fully positive one.


When it comes to Experience, our team at Central FS have well over 30 years of providing a wide array of different security system installations and services to a wide variety of clients - in both the domestic and commercial sectors. This means our team members have extensive experience in handling a wide variety of different security situations, and so they're able to apply their in the field knowledge to help tailor your service to meet your specific needs and ensure your home is protected.


To guarantee Quality, our team does not cut corners. We use only the best security technology on the market. We've made sure to scour the field for the best security systems; from cctv systems to burglar alarms, we'll ensure you can get access to the best security technology available.


Reliability is also vital; it's not good enough just to receive the service - it's necessary that you know that your security has been installed correctly and will work as intended. At Central FS, we can guarantee you are provided with excellent service, ensuring your new alarm system or security cameras will provide you with round the clock effective protection and not be in need of constant maintenance and servicing. For Central FS, ensuring a high quality of customer experience is deeply important, as much of our business comes the confident recommendations of our customers and clients.


We guarantee the Expertise of our services by constantly working to invest in our team members skills, training and abilities. We've worked to make sure our team can handle any issue they might encounter. We also ensure our team are properly equipped with all relevant accreditations and education; this ensures they have the professional backing to handle any issues. As a company Central FS has full qualifications from SSAIB - The Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board. SSAIB provide certification for security companies, guaranteeing an excellent standard of service. This means our team has full industry qualifications to ensure the successful installation and use of a wide variety of different alarm systems and monitoring security services.

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Home Security Glasgow

With well over 30 years of experience in keeping property safe from any intruders, we have extensive experience in providing a wide range of security systems and services to homeowners all throughout Glasgow and central Scotland, ranging from house alarm systems to CCTV installation. This ensures you can rest easy, knowing your home is kept secure. So if you’re interested in expert home security in the Glasgow area, give the Central FS team a call at 0141 530 1244 or send us an email at info@centralfs.co.uk.

Why is Expert Home Security Installation so Important?

So why should you make use of security specialists to guarantee your Glasgow home’s security? Why not go it alone?
  • Expert Home Security Services have access to equipment and skills non-qualified services do not
  • Expert Home Security Services have extensive in the field experience which can help ensure you avoid mistakes and provide you with the best possible service
  • Expert Home Security Services can advise you on the best security systems, guiding you towards effective options and avoiding products unsuited for your home
It’s only with Expert Home Security that you can protect your family and property and ensure you’ve complete peace of mind, and it’s highly recommended you always make use of trusted, reliable professionals.

What Domestic Security Systems Do We Offer?

Central FS can provide an extensive array of different security system options, ensuring your property will be properly insulated from any issues it might face. Options for security systems we can provide include,


At Central FS we can provide you with a swathe of different CCTV options to ensure your home is kept secure. CCTV systems in many ways are like having guards providing your home with 24/7 protection. A CCTV system is an excellent way to keep your home secure.

Not only is are visible CCTV systems an amazing deterrent to any potential intruders, often warding off even experienced criminals knowing the potential to be caught on camera.

Another excellent element of CCTV is the capacity to gather evidence. This that in cases where a crime does take place (or simply an attempt at criminal activity), one will have the ability to provide the police with a wealth of material to use to use for any criminal investigations. It is also a superb asset in ensuring convictions.
Security Cameras furthermore are a versatile means of providing your home with protection. Our team of expert CCTV installers and engineers can easily set up a CCTV service to meet the specific requirements of your home without issue.

Intruder Alarm System Options

There’s a wide array of different home alarm system options. Intruder alarms and home alarms are a versatile and excellent security system for practically every domestic environment. Home alarms furthermore, are cost effective, and their visible presence is a great way to deter intruders as well.

Because our team continually strive to ensure our customers receive the best technology on the market, we’ve invested in Intruder Alarm systems which can be accessed via apps – meaning you have 24/7 access to the security of your home.
Intruder Alarm systems are among the best way to ensure you’re alerted to any problems on your property. They are easy to install and can configured in a wide variety of ways – meaning as a service they’re perfect for a domestic environment.

Door Access Control Systems

Door Access Control Systems Using Door Access Control Systems are some of the best means to secure your home. As a method of home security, they come in a variety of effective and simple forms. Not only are they easy to maintain and use, but they provide round the clock protection that ensures your home is insulated from attempted intrusions. They are extremely versatile and can be configured to perfectly suit your homes needs, with options for wireless systems often available. Furthermore, Door Access Control Systems can be integrated with other security measures, such as Security Cameras and Intruder Alarms, providing truly comprehensive protection to your home.

Fire & Security​

Installation, maintenance and training to ensure efficiency and safety for domestic and commercial customers across Scotland.​


Providing high-quality electrical installations and maintenance for domestic and commercial customers across Scotland.

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