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Central FS are Glasgow's leading provider of intruder alarms and other bespoke security solutions.

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Whatever alarm system you are looking for, from wireless smart app controlled domestic alarms to large scale integrated systems used through a commercial site, we have the perfect solution for your security needs.

Burglar alarms are a highly effective deterrent against intruders, with the mere sight of an alarm box on the side of your property enough to make most potential burglars move on elsewhere.

Should a criminal still attempt to gain access despite the presence of a burglar, the system’s activation will alert your security staff, or our 24/7 alarm receiving centre, allowing for real time response to emergency situations.

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Why Choose Central FS?

Central FS are a leading supplier of quality security systems to domestic and commercial customers in Glasgow and across Scotland.

When you choose to have intruder alarms installed with us you will benefit from our installer’s many years of security experience, ensuring that your security system is as effective as possible.

What else do we do?

If you are looking for total peace of mind that no-one will be able to enter your property undetected, your burglar alarm system should be combined with other security measures to ensure ultimate protection. Central FS can provide you with far more than just a new alarm system, and are approved installers of a wide range of bespoke security systems, on both business premises and to individual customers.

CCTV systems

CCTV systems have never been more affordable and surveillance cameras have become a must have for both businesses and increasingly home security. Using a smart app you will be able to access your CCTV cameras at any time, from your phone or other mobile device. If you get an alert to say that your intruder alarm has been triggered, this system will allow you or your security staff to check your site remotely to ensure there is no fire or similar emergency taking place. If an incident does take place you will be able to use the footage obtained to aid the police response, or as evidence in court.

Door Access Control Panels

Access control systems are an excellent addition to your security system as they allow you to monitor exactly who enters your premises. As part of the personal service we provide to all our commercial customers, we will design a bespoke control panel using anything from key fobs and access cards to fingerprints and facial recognition to identify personnel. Each control panel will be connected to the burglar alarms on your site so if they are tampered with the alarm system will be activated and your security staff alerted.

When you install a burglar alarm system with Central FS you will receive:

Expert advice

Central FS have over 30 years experience of providing Glasgow customers with bespoke security solutions.

This gives you peace of mind that when you have an alarm system installed by our UK security experts you will receive an ultra professional service and advice worth taking notice of.

Latest Technology
At Central FS all our intruder alarm systems come equipped with the latest wired and wireless technology and equipment as standard.
Affordable prices
Not only is our burglar alarm installation highly effective, but it is also available at a very competitive price. Contact Central FS today for a Free Quote, or check our online quote calculator to design your perfect security system.
Fast Response

Burglar alarms allow your security staff to identify ongoing situations as they occur and respond in real time.

All our burglar and fire alarm systems can also be connected to a 24/7 alarm receiving centre to give you maximum confidence.

If your fire alarms are triggered as a result of a genuine blaze it is vital that the emergency services are on site as soon as possible to protect your property, and most importantly, your staff.

For this reason, an effective alarm system is essential to avoiding disaster.

High Standards

When installing burglar alarms in the UK, security ltd companies you consider using should have certification guaranteeing a quality installation.

Central FS are a Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSIAB) approved company UKAS product certification on all our products.

This means that when you choose to install intruder alarms with us you can be confident of excellent service and a top quality result.

Ongoing Care

Central FS technicians are not only experts in installing burglar alarms but we also pride ourselves on maintaining quality security systems in the long term.

If anything should go wrong with your system we will be on hand to provide the relevant maintenance or repair and have your property secure again in no time at all.

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For more information on our industry leading intruder alarm systems, or any of the other security services we offer to customers across Central Scotland, call Central FS today on 0141 530 1244, or email our expert team at info@centralfs.co.uk.