Terms and Conditions

  1. GENERAL: All orders are accepted by Central Fire and Security Ltd (“the Company”) on the understanding that the Customer is bound by the Conditions. Where there is any inconsistency between the Conditions and any conditions which the Customer seeks to impose the Conditions shall prevail, unless accepted by the Company in writing under the hand of a Director or the Secretary of the Company.
  2. PERIOD AND TERMINATION: This Agreement shall continue for the period shown overleaf and thereafter until terminated by either party giving to the other 3 months written notice. If any payment by the Customer shall be more than 7 days in arrears or if the Customer is in breach of any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Company may forthwith by notice in writing to the Customer terminate this Agreement without prejudice to its rights to recover any sum due by the Customer to the Company. The Company shall be entitled without liability on its part and without prejudice to its other rights under this Agreement to terminate the contract by reason of the Customer failing to furnish instructions or by any other cause out with its control (for example, but not limited to: fire, flood, war, civil disorder, government orders, Act of God, force majeure).
  • (a) In accordance with The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, the Customer is entitled to cancel this Agreement, without penalty, by giving the Company notice of cancellation within 14 days of the start of the Agreement.
  • (b) The Customer warrants to the Company that all necessary title to the premises in which the System is to be installed and any necessary landlord’s consents or other consents or permission for installation of the System have been obtained. The Customer accepts all liability for any claims, costs, loss or expense arising from the absence of any such consents.
  • (c) The Customer shall ensure that the external sounders do not cause a nuisance as defined under the Control of Noise Order 1981, and shall be liable to meet any claims, costs, loss or expense arising from any necessary remedial work. Your attention in this regard is drawn to the Code of Practice on Noise from Audible Intruder Alarms 1982.
  • (d) The Customer will be liable for all costs associated with the installation including re-instatement and re-decoration.
  • (e) The Customer shall during the period of this Agreement:
  • (i) Not alter or interfere with the System, or allow any person not authorised by the Company to do so.
  • (ii) Notify the Company by telephone, confirming in writing, all defects or faults.
  • (iii) Allow access to the Company’s representatives to carry out maintenance.
  • (iv) Pay all electricity and telecom charges associated with the system.
  • (v) Comply with any police force policy regarding the operation of the system.
  • (a) The Company acknowledges liability in respect of death or personal injury resulting from the negligence of the Company.
  • (b) The Company does not warrant or represent that the operation of the System will be uninterrupted or error free. The Company provides the System to assist in the security of the Customer’s premises but does not thereby warrant the security of the property, the Customer or contents contained therein. The Company does not act and shall not be deemed to act as an insurer of the Customer’s property or contents contained therein and gives no warranty that by virtue of the installation of the System, the property or contents contained therein are completely secure or inviolable. The Company shall have no liability in contract or delict for any loss suffered howsoever caused and in particular the Company does not accept any liability whatsoever for any consequential loss or damage (including loss of earnings or profits) which may arise from any malfunction or defect of the System.
  • (c) All other conditions and warranties implied or otherwise are hereby expressly excluded, but nothing herein contained shall affect the statutory rights of the Customer.
  1. MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT: Under this maintenance agreement the Company will carry out any service call necessitated by the failure of any part of the System. All parts are chargeable, labour is free. The company will arrange for maintenance inspections conforming to relevant industry standards and codes of practice at appropriate intervals of no more than 12 months, being carried out at a time convenient to both parties. Service will be carried out on the system only at the above address. For the avoidance of doubt all detector and fob batteries will be provided free of charge by the Company at the yearly maintenance, all panel and bell box batteries will be chargeable at the Company standard rate.
  2. CENTRAL MONITORING: If applicable the Company will arrange monitoring of the System at an NSI Gold Alarm Receiving Centre and we will notify the emergency services in accordance with the Customer’s instructions and any applicable police force policy.
  3. MAINTENANCE AND MONITORING CHARGES: The Charges will be payable either monthly in advance by direct debit commencing the takeover month or annually commencing the takeover month. The Company may increase the Annual Maintenance Charges, having given not less than 3 months written notice.
  4. INSTALLATION: All equipment will remain the property of the company until such time as the agreed balance has been paid in full.
  5. RISK: All risk of loss of or damage to the System shall pass to the Customer on delivery to the Customer’s premises.
  6. ASSIGNATION: The rights and obligations contained in this Agreement may not be assigned or otherwise transferred by the Customer without the prior consent in writing of the Company. They may however be assigned by the Company without prior consent of the Customer.
  7. COMPLETE AGREEMENT: No terms or representation expressed or implied other than those expressly embodied in this Agreement shall be binding upon the Company or imported into this Agreement unless accepted by the Company in writing under the hand of a Director or the Secretary of the Company.
  8. WARRANTY: The Company warrants making good any defects in new parts of the System if notified by telephone or in writing at its Registered Office within one year of the completion date providing such defects are as a result of faulty equipment or workmanship. Any unauthorised interference with the System invalidates the warranty.
  9. LAW: This Agreement shall be in all respects construed and governed by the Law of Scotland.
  10. SIGNALLING: Please note it is the responsibility of the customer to provide appropriate means of transmission for the system (Phone line, Router, Wi-Fi etc.). Any changes to transmission after installation which require the Company to attend and reconfigure will be charged at the Company standard rate for call outs and labour.
  • Registered name:          Central Fire and Security Ltd
  • Registered office:          Unit 10, Hydepark Business Centre, 60 Mollinsburn Street, Glasgow, G21 4SF
  • Registration number:     SC526731


1 May 2021